flood impact assessments

Let us help you determine if new developments and other types of construction have adverse impacts to the floodplain in your area increasing your risk of flooding.

What is a Flood Impact Assessment

A Food Impact Assessment is a hydraulic study to determine the impact(s) an existing or proposed project, development, feature, etc. has or would have on the floodplain in your area. 

Why is a Flood Impact Assessment Useful

Flood Impact Assessments are critical in determining whether new developments will increase flood risks for neighboring properties or communities. 

Sample Hydrodynamic Model Simulations

Side-by-side comparison of DHI MIKE21 simulations showing flood depths in the Spanish Lake Basin during the 100% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) Storm Event.

Left - Alligator Bayou Floodgate operated to maintain water levels at 4 feet (closed).

Right - Alligator Bayou Floodgate operated to allow exchange at all water levels (open).