wetland Assessments

Wetland assessments offer a preliminary analysis of a site.

Wetland Assessments

A wetland assessment is a quick, easy, and cost effective tool used to determine the potential for wetlands within a given land parcel. Wetland assessments are not official determinations by the US Army Corps of Engineers, but give a general idea of site conditions.     

In-House/On-Site Assessments

Wetland assessments can be accomplished with a 2-step approach: Using GIS software, internet data, and in-house resources, NRP can estimate the presence of wetlands with reliable accuracy. If necessary, NRP field biologists can conduct an on-site evaluation to further refine the results.        

Common Applications

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Developments
  • Pipeline and Utility Servitudes
  • Land Appraisals and Valuations
  • Real-Estate Transactions 
  • Mitigation Banking Suitability