wetland compliance projects

NRP has secured Section 404/10 permits (Nationwide and Individual) and Coastal Use Permits for a wide range of activities including municipal projects, industrial infrastructure (pipelines, facility expansions), oil and gas exploration (fracking, directional drilling and gathering lines, transmission lines), and commercial and residential developments. NRP staff has been working with the US Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory personnel for over 20 years and has a solid professional relationship with all Section Chiefs.   

Colonial Pipeline Wetland Permit

Mississippi Gulf Coast

Imperial Sugar Emergency Levee Repair

Gramercy, LA

L'Auberge Casino Wetland Permit

Baton Rouge, LA

High Grove Development Wetland Permit

Baton Rouge, LA

East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority Wetland Permit

Baton Rouge, LA

Harveston Wetland Assimilation Area

Baton Rouge, LA