marsh creation

Sustainable marsh creation is crucial to the survival of the Louisiana coast.

Marsh Creation

Marsh creation is accomplished by filling shallow open water with large volumes of hydraulically dredged and pumped sediment to precise elevations in order to restore historic marsh habitat.

Why Marsh Creation is Necessary

Wetlands in the Gulf Region, in particular the Louisiana Coastal Zone, have been lost at an alarming rate during the past century.  These marshes were lost by land development, levee construction, and agriculture, in combination with natural forces such as sea-level rise, subsidence, and erosion. Coastal marshes offer numerous public values including flood mitigation, aquifer recharge, improved water quality, and contribute to the carbon cycle. Marshes contribute greatly to wildlife and fisheries as well as supporting a vibrant culture in Louisiana, and therefore it is critical to utilize all available resources to restore what was lost and prevent it from happening again.

Why We Are Qualified

NRP consulted Restoration Systems, LLC (Raleigh, NC) with the development, permitting, and construction of the only private marsh creation project (Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank) in Louisiana that utilized sediment from the Mississippi River. We are also the lead consultant for the Avoca Island Restoration Initiative, which seeks to restore up to 7,000 acres of marsh utilizing dredge material from the Atchafalaya River. 

jesuit bend mitigation marsh creation timeline

September 2014

Open Water- Degraded Marsh

April 2016

Recently Deposited Dredge Material and Marsh Vegetation Planted

April 2017

Restored Marsh