wetland Permitting

Developing a comprehensive wetland permitting strategy is essential for project success.

Wetland Permits

 A wetland permit is a federal action under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act that is needed prior to impacting any jurisdictional wetlands. These permits are administered by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who consider the costs and benefits of the proposed project and the wetland resource at hand prior to approving a permit. Wetlands in the “Coastal Zone” are also often regulated by designated state agencies which administer “Coastal-Use Permits.”  

Who Requires Wetland Permits

Any individual or entity seeking to conduct a land-development activity in jurisdictional wetlands may need a wetland permit. Common activities include residential, commercial, or industrial developments, transportation projects, pipeline/power-line construction, or mechanized land-clearing.  

Why We Are Qualified

Depending on the purpose of the project, habitat type of the wetlands, and nature of the impacts, wetland permits can be issued as quickly as one month or can last a year or more. Additionally, wetland permits often trigger other local, state, and federal permitting requirements. Therefore, identifying all regulatory issues early in the process can save time and money when undertaking a development project. NRP has extensive experience in all types of wetland permits, ranging from simple culvert installation to multi-million dollar facilities, and can guide you in the planning, development, and permitting of your project to obtain a wetland permit as quickly as possible.