Nolan Raphelt

Nolan Raphelt, PhD, PE, Water Resources Engineer


Dr. Raphelt joined NRP in October 2018 to lead the Hydraulic Modeling Group. His experience in multidimensional hydrodynamic modeling is practically unparalleled. Dr. Raphelt has worked on countless 1, 2 and 3-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling studies on basins, rivers and critical U.S. infrastructure, including modeling over 1,000 miles of the Mississippi River during his time at the US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory ( Part of this project included 3-D sediment modeling of the Old River Control Complex structures which include three primary flood control structures and one hydropower plant. His work in the lower Mississippi River focused on the effects of proposed sediment diversion for wetland restoration in adjacent shallow water bays and sediment tracking from dredging the navigation channel. Additional, Dr. Raphelt developed procedures for the EPA to use in the evaluation of the effects of land use changes and channel modification in urban areas on flooding, channel morphology, water quality and biota diversity. 

NRP is honored to employ Dr. Raphelt as its Senior Water Resource Engineer overseeing all hydrodynamic and sediment modeling necessary for sustainable riverine and coastal restoration projects as well as for the development of large-scale watershed-based storm water management programs.

Areas of experience and expertise:

- Coastal/inland flood control modeling

- Large-scale watershed-based storm water management programs

- Real-time water control systems

- Wetlands restoration

- Modeling the effects of proposed hydraulic control structures

- Riverine erosion and sediment transport modeling

- Channel sedimentation and restoration modeling

- Riverine navigation channel simulation

- Fluvial and geomorphic analysis in riverine/coastal systems

- Effects of proposed sediment diversion in riverine and estuarine areas

- Erosion prediction and design solutions for buried pipeline river crossing

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